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Optimal Computing

Contact: Stéphane PIERRET
Work Rue de la Vignette, 36 Mons 7034 Belgium Home Phone: +32 498 62 26 32 Website: www.optimalcomputing.be


About optimal computing

OPTIMAL COMPUTING SPRL was incorporated in 2008 based on a large experience in software engineering and consulting services acquired during 15 years in servicing large worlwide companies.

OPTIMAL COMPUTING develops the most advanced numerical optimization software based on artificial intelligence techniques such as Genetic Algorithms and Artificial Neural Networks

OPTIMAL COMPUTING also provides specialized consulting services in numerical optimization, software engineering, cloud computing, web application development, deployment and maintenance.

We have a long expertize in solving complex and real design optimization applications, developping large software based on challenging goals for our cutomers.

Optimal computing is Active in Artificial Intelligence

1. Genetic algorithm. Compare to the state of the art genetic algorithm (GA), Xtreme GA includes various innovations that increase the performance of your design process and the convergence robustness.

2. Fast genetic algorithm. In this algorithm, the genetic algorithm is coupled to an artificial neural network that drastically improves the performance of the design process. The number of function evaluations is usually reduced by a factor of 100 compared to standard genetic algorithm. This algorithm is the best solution when dealing with time consuming function evaluations.

3. Pareto-front genetic algorithm. This type of algorithm targets multi-objectives optimization. In this case, the Pareto front technique is used to find the front of optimal solutions to a given target.

4. Fast Pareto-front genetic algorithm. In this algorithm, the Pareto front genetic algorithm is accelerated by an artificial neural network in the same way as performed for the fast genetic algorithm. In a similar way, the design process is improved by a factor of 100 in most industrial applications

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Rue de la Vignette, 36 Mons 7034 Belgium