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Contact: Cécile GOFFAUX
Work Bâtiment Eole Rue des Frères Wright 29 Gosselis 6041 Belgium Work Phone: +32 (0)71 910 930 Website: http://www.cenaero.be/



Cenaero is an applied research center assisting technological industries in product, service and process innovation with its numerical simulation, optimization and data exploitation methods and tools. It is active in Aerospace & Transport, Manufacturing, Energy and Smart cities industries. It operates a High Performance Computing infrastructure and a composite lab. It is specialized in metallic, polymer and composite structures, manufacturing processes, computational fluid dynamics, energy and applied mathematics.

Artificial intelligence and Cenaero:

Product: Minamo, the Cenaero’s in-house design space exploration, optimization, reduced-order modilling and data-mining platform.

Focusing on the challenge of efficiently handling computationally intensive simulations in large dimensional spaces, the Minamo platform includes algorithms, methods and methodologies in terms of:

  • Global/evolutionary, local and hybrid optimization for continuous and mixed variables
  • Metamodel-assisted optimization with systematic thorough online integration
  • Robust and reliable design optimization
  • Machine learning: data-fitting (interpolation/regression/classification/clustering) models, multi-fidelity metamodels and non-intrusive reduced-order models for reconstruction of scalar, vectors or fields
  • A priori and adaptive sampling techniques
  • Simulation failure management system
  • Dimensionality reduction techniques
  • Cooperative/distributed optimization
  • Analysis, monitoring, visualization and data-mining techniques

for the purpose of design space exploration, robust and reliable product/process optimization, prediction, default detection and/or decision support.

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Bâtiment Eole Rue des Frères Wright 29 Gosselis 6041 Belgium